Every morning and night, i slather my face in skincare. It has such a therapeutic effect on me. I've always been a moisturizing maniac, but recently got my act together and sketched out a proper skincare plan. Toner, advancer, essence, lotion/night cream. There is something about the consistency, the structure, that appeals to my primal … Continue reading Skincare

A bientot

This MAY be the longest i've gone without a post. It's a curious situation. I never thought i'd stop writing on this platform. Through the years it has taken all shapes and forms: a platform for unfiltered rants, updates. Later a place for exposition and lengthy opinion pieces, and more recently still a curation of … Continue reading A bientot

Letters to C #2

We were 7 when we first met, our beginning uncomfortably reminiscent of those cheesy playground romances. It feels like centuries ago, in another life, but everything remains vivid - the exact location you sat (front row, third column from the far end, the smooth concrete speckled with chalk dust and whirling debris, the diffuse duskiness … Continue reading Letters to C #2